Girls go BOOM

Girls to the FRONT!

Girls go BOOM is a feminist collective that strives to put more women on stage, mainly in alternative/punk music. We believe that female and queer representation in these scenes is important, because EVERYONE DESERVES A VOICE and EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE INSPIRED.

We started out organising gigs, but soon realised this was not enough. We want to inspire women to claim space (and YES PLEASE, start a band), we want more women in the crowd (without being harrassed) and behind the scenes. We want to SEE women and we figured the best way to do this, was to actively invest in f.e. (music)WORKSHOPS, DEBATES, MOVIESCREENINGS, ZINE-MAKING, and SO MUCH MORE.

Our goal is to build a platform where women can grow (not just through music, if you want to join our bookclub THAT'S COOL TOO!). We want to inspire. We want you to inspire others. We want to tell you YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

Our collective has a very D(o) I(t) Y(ourself) attitude. Which is basically a fancy way of saying we learn new stuff everyday. And we love it. SOUNDS GOOD? Get in contact through e-mail or drop by our CLUBHOUSE! We want to meet you!

Your impact matters LIKE A BOMB.